SEO or Social Media? A digital marketing guide for 2018

What is the best path for your digital marketing strategies in 2018? The tried and true method of search engine optimization simply isn’t as cost-effective as it uses to be. This is because of two main reasons. Many big box retailers and large corporations have discovered the effectiveness of a search engine optimization campaign or paid ads through search engines. This has driven the cost up higher due to higher competition in the field trying to make it to the first page. Second, there has been a huge shift of the public’s attention directly to social media platforms. This can be seen with nearly 75% of Americans getting their daily news from Facebook and other surprisingly positive trends for social media channels compared to search engines.


Search engine optimization or SEO has been a common internet marketing tactic for nearly twenty years, nearly since the start of consumer popularization of the internet. Google remains the most popular search engine, although Bing and even smaller option, DuckDuckGo are two great options to consider as well depending on your target audience. The cost of SEO can become very expensive too and still take a long time for a business to hit the first page of a search result. Even with the use of paid per click marketing on search engines, on average cost $2.16 per user. This compares to only about $0.27 per click on search engines when compared from a cost per click standpoint.

Social Media

Digital marketing through social media can return a fantastic ROI for users properly accessing their social channels. First, it should be noted great content will always win on social media channels. Furthermore, great content can be amplified to capture powerful returns on investment for businesses who understand their target market. Another great benefit to social media channels such as Facebook is they have more tools available directly in their platforms for businesses compared to search engines. A consumer can complete the buying process without ever leaving the social channel whereas search engines require businesses to develop strong landing pages to succeed.


All and all we vote for social media marketing over search engine in 2018. We’d love to hear your thoughts or experiences about this topic through the comments below!

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